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The Brunell's are a unique client in that they have their hands in a lot of tills. RW's is not just a garage and they're also not just towing either. With several "toys" as Bill Brunell lovingly calls his trucks and lifts, the availability of their tows to service most of Western MA, the enormous lengths and weight capacity is pretty incredible. This inventory of service vehicles is unusual to have in such a sleepy area as the Berkshires. Incredibly, we were able to have a firetruck that day to exhibit (with water weight) how unimpeded the shop is because of the mechanical inventory, as well as the highly skilled mechanics. They were great to work with, a dream to shoot in fact. They're a small shop when you see it as an intimate viewer, and we hope in our translation to photographic and copy form you can see just how highly they're called upon by the Mass Pike.

All they asked was to make sure we didn't make them look too dirty. Imagine, not showing oiled hands and gritty tools in a mechanics shop. As artists, that's the kind of vision we feed on, but we were surprised on the whole, how clean (tidy and clean) the shop operated by. Check. With this documentary day in the life look at their shop, we had to work around sudden calls as they are in fact a business that responds to urgency, but we shot what set out to capture. Every shot and more of the concept.



Photographer: Gerardo Somoza
Director: Mary Ritzel


Website & Copywriting

Sometimes when you've been in an industry for a long time it's difficult to write what you know because you know it oh so well. It takes another eye (or eye) to distill just what it is you do. This site was a redesign from a simple yellow books style site with the basic info and contact information. The primary intention was that from a high level, if you were coming to this site under much duress, perhaps you needed an immediate tow by performing a google search, you could find the phone number and address quickly. It is why the phone number is nice and large and featured more times that would be shown on a more leisurely scrolling adventure.

For those however that wanted to read up on this client, to determine their credibility, it was just as important to show the facets of this shop. The emergency roadside, inspections, maintenance and tune-up are all common reasons you'd look into a garage. So too might you go there for car rentals and perhaps use their seasonal services when you store your vehicles or boats in their sister company, B-Safe Storage. And you also might be interested in this sister company, having your storage cube or container shipped to your home and know that in all parts of that transaction, you're not working with a third-party but with the same family throughout the process.

We wrote their copy because it didn't exist and it also helped us really get acquainted an intimate with them as we went into production for them, shooting into the concept, but also extracting parts of their personality as well. In our ads for this client, you'll see little glimmers of this very generous, salt of the earth and very genuine personality in a family that loves this community through and through. We couldn't have done that without the relationship they afforded us.