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The LSA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization centered in Lee, MA for over 100 years. The goal of revitalizing this client was to speak to the skills harnessed in all categories for shooting and archery, but just as important, the level of care to nurture the 90 aces of land through the the fisheries and wildlife in conjunction with the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife.

Tender though the subject matter that guns can bring in this current climate, the focus at the LSA and with our agency is firmly on the offerings of education in the youth and adult programs, safety, and the environment. There are strict guidelines to follow and participants and members must treat their time on this land with respect. As a non-profit, funds are given by multiple grants that continue to allow for the continued use of this land, however, youth enrollment and new members has been a concern, as it has been with so many heritage establishments. It is first and foremost a learning facility with active plans for improvements to the property to bring in wheelchair access and constant maintenance, often by volunteers. In showing as many areas of specialty this facility has to offer with our wonderful youth in particular that served as our models, we truly believe the future can only bring more stewards for this land to bring this into another 100 years.



Photographer: Gerardo Somoza
Director: Mary Ritzel

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