Art Direction  Photography  Design  Illustration

On a warm day in June, models and extras donned multiple layers of outerwear and coldweather accessories in full sun to capture a small capsule of available time before crunch ski season. The challenge really wasn't the weather that day but what was happening in the landscape. Losing many months of downtime in late winter when trees were not in bloom due to client availability, our challenge was hiding or shooting around the life that was blooming all around. Leaning on experience of faking seasons, image processing and clever retouching we knew we could do this.

Mostly, we're still proud to have had such an enthusiastic crew. It's not easy having a lot of energy when it's so warm, wearing so much but it all worked out.



Model: Loli Laneova
Model: Cori Irwin
Photographer: Gerardo Somoza
Director: Mary Ritzel
Stylist: Penny Spoja
Retouchers: Barresa Studio

The magic of post-production

Print/Digital Brochures & Direct Mail


Infographics & Digital Painting/Illustration

Initial structure was defined by the trial map's originator in a gouache or watercolor stylization. Illustrator Vinicio Vela developed the skeleton to render these buildings in 3-D based on aerial shots as well as on location looking up the base. Digital paintings were last to layer by fine artist, Mary Ritzel.